Love is Love: We Are for Equality

The Smiling Mind Executive, Board & Team

Mindfulness is a powerful practice that teaches us the importance of acceptance, openness and curiosity. It’s a practice that allows us to take a beginner’s mind when considering something new, without judgement.

As an organisation championing positive, proactive approaches to mental health and wellbeing for everyone we think it’s important to acknowledge and support those who might be feeling marginalised, or discriminated against during this public debate about marriage equality.

As Australians we have a great opportunity to show our support for marriage equality by voting yes. This will have a significant impact on the lives of many people. If we don’t, and same-sex couples continue to not have the ability to marry, and the legal rights this privilege affords, this will serve to continue to marginalise and stigmatise with ultimate impacts on mental health. 

But this issue goes further than showing support during the heat of this debate. It’s an issue of ensuring that we, as a society, offer equality to all members of our community, irrespective of their sexuality. This, in turn, will prevent ongoing marginalisation, discrimination and undue mental health and emotional pressures.

We believe that love is love, without qualification or judgement. We hope we can all find some calm, clarity and connection and that all Australians can live in a compassionate, open and supportive community.

We stand behind the vote for yes.

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