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Mindfulness is new to many people. Feel free to get in touch using the form below if you are interested in discovering how we can help in the classroom, community, home or office.

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The Smiling Mind App FAQs

+ How do I get access code to the Workplace program?

If you would like to use this invaluable tool and experience the great features of our Workplace Program, you can either purchase the app here or alternatively contact your Human Resources Manager to discuss having the Smiling Mind Workplace Program available to you at your place of work. If you have already purchased a workplace license, your access code will be sent to the email address you supplied. Make sure you check your spam or junk folder as some email servers may incorrectly filter out our emails.

+ How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by following our forgotten password process. Navigate to the forgotten password page and enter in your email address. You will then receive an email from Smiling Mind with a password reset link. Click this link, and you will be taken to a web page to enter in a new password. Once you have entered in a new password you will be asked to sign in.

+ My Minutes and/or sessions are not updating

Follow these steps until the issue is fixed:

  1. Log out and log back into the app
  2. Delete and then re-install the app If the issue is still not resolved, please contact us.

+ How do I update my account details?

Navigate to the menu from within the app and select edit profile. From here you will be able to modify most profile fields.

+ How do I delete my account?

You will need to contact us using the contact us form.

+ I don’t have an Android or iOS device, how can I access the Smiling Mind programs?

You can access the Smiling Mind programs through our website by navigating to the website and logging in. You will have access to the same content as the mobile app.


Education & Schools FAQs

+ How can we organise for Smiling Mind to come to our school?

We love coming to schools and introducing our programs to educators, staff, parents and students. We have a variety of programs available to schools including the free app, an introduction to Mindfulness, six-week courses for educators, train the trainer and a whole school implementation. Please send an email to outlining which program you are interested in and we will call you to discuss the process.

+ Do you have a program for children under 7?

At the moment we do not have this program, however we are working towards this. The 7-9 year old program is also great for younger children to use.

+ How often should you use the app in the classroom and what are the best times to use?

It is a great thing to be meditating every day, but if this is not possible, an understanding of mindfulness meditation can be used in many situations. The app is a tool to gain experience and knowledge of mindfulness meditation. We suggest setting time aside either before class starts, after lunch or just before the school bell goes. There is no right or wrong time to use the app.

+ Are you able to come to schools in WA, QLD, SA, NSW, TAS?

Yes! We have staff in most states. If not, we can travel.

+ Can you please send me the program overview?

Sure, please send your details to

+ I'm overseas, can I use the Education Program at my school?

Yes! However our Education Program is mapped to the Australian curriculum. You can still download our age specific lesson plans to support the educator's understanding around mindfulness and meditation in the classroom, and you can use the Classroom meditations from the phone or web app.


Workplace FAQs

+ What is the Workplace Program made up of?

Our Workplace program is designed and delivered by psychologists trained in mindfulness and performance in a flexible way. This could be face-to-face or online, and either short term or over a preferred time period. We also offer a range of programs from general workplace culture to specific workshops on mindful leadership and its application to your business. Please refer to the Workplace Program on our website, or contact us.

+ What sort of support do you give workplaces running the program?

We support each staff member with email and help desk support and a targeted comms strategy. We also work with the organisation to develop other ways to support the group as they experience our program. This may include regular meditation sessions, reminders and tool kits to get them engaged with their mindfulness practice.

+ Does my workplace have to do all the workshops and buy the app?

We recommend that you run the workshop series and also subscribe to the app. This means that your staff will get a solid understanding of mindfulness and meditation through the workshops, which are supplemented with exercises and meditations on the app. As you know, it is important to ensure staff members start practising the skills they learn to build their mindfulness muscle, and this program is specifically designed to ensure they develop a regular practise. This is the only way to develop a new way of operating and contributing to a cultural shift, where looking after our mental wellbeing is valued and encouraged. You can choose to run one or more workshops or you can choose to just purchase the app. The program is flexible, so you can pick and choose elements to suit your budget and needs.

+ Who are your clients?

We work with everyone – including recruitment agencies, tech companies, start ups, big organisations, law firms, government departments, creative businesses, property developers, builders – you name it! Some of our clients in the last 12 months include: SBS, Gadens lawyers, IBM US and Aus and NZ, Federation Uni, RMIT, Nike, Tea 2, Arnold Bloch Liebler, Twitter, Nova, Stockland, Porter Davis, Ernst and Young...

+ How do you use the Workplace Program?

We suggest you meditate using the app at least three times per week or more. The app offers short 1-3 minute meditations or longer ones to fit in with your day.

+ How much does it cost?

We are happy to chat to you about your needs and your budget and we can tailor a program to suit you. Please contact us via the Contact Us page, or by emailing

+ Are all workshops face to face?

We do face-to-face workshops and webinars as well as providing access to online video content.

+ How often should an organisation schedule a workshop in the workshop series?

It is up to you. We are flexible and happy to fit in with your timetable and needs.

+ How many participants can attend the workshops?

Group size is up to you. We can run sessions for small and large groups.

+ Do you have speakers who can present at conferences and events?

Yes! We can chat with you about the audience and topics and how we might support your conference or event.

+ What sectors/industries or types/sizes of organisations do you work with?

We work with all sectors and industries, from small boutique businesses to large organisations. We can tailor a program to suit your staff.

+ Who are your facilitators and what are their qualifications?

Our facilitators are all highly trained and have a range of professional qualifications. Many are clinical or organisational psychologists and all have extensive training in meditation and mindfulness.

+ Can you produce a report showing the impact of the program?

We are happy to work with you to undertake an analysis of the program and its impact on your workplace. This can include a data report on the use of the app and surveys before, during and after the workshops. We are happy to develop a more comprehensive research project with your organisation if this is a key area of interest for you.

+ Can I buy the app for myself?

Yes – go to

+ How do I get the access code?

If you would like to use this invaluable tool and experience the great features of our Workplace Program, you can either purchase the app here or alternatively contact your Human Resources Manager to discuss having the Smiling Mind Workplace Program available to you at your place of work.