To help every mind thrive.

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To provide accessible,
life-long tools to support healthy minds.



Youth mental health is a major problem and the incidence of mental illness continues to rise1


1 in 4 secondary students and 1 in 7 primary school students experience a mental illness2 and 75% of all mental illness has its onset before the age of 24.3

This is why it is imperative we take preventive action to turn these statistics around.

Mindfulness is proven to lead to better attention, memory, regulation of emotions and self awareness.4,5,6 In turn, improvements in these areas can lead to reduced stress, anxiety and depression, better academic skills, social skills and self esteem.4,7

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app downloads

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young people reached

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of Aussie educators using our programs

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increase in mental health and academic performance (relative to peers)8

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Our Values

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Life is complicated enough. We’re real. With each other and everyone around us, choosing to turn the complex into the simple. We are approachable, fun and connected. We celebrate our success, learn from near wins, and relish in the impact we are making in the world.

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We believe accessibility and inclusiveness is key to empowering a new generation to thrive. We approach everything we do in an open, curious and non judgemental way.

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We make it our business to know, and everyone in our world benefits from the knowledge we share. Life long learners, our curiosity and inquisitive nature inspire a constant zest for knowledge.

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We encourage and challenge each other to find ways to be better. We use all our skills, knowledge and resolve to find the best, most efficient and impactful path to success, changing lives in the process.

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We are strategic and commercial, but fluid in our approach to revolutionising the way people learn social and emotional skills. From the way we work with each other, to our partners and those who use our tools and resources. More often than not, this means doing a lot with a little – we never want to lose our entrepreneurial spirit – which got us where we are.

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Our Story

We have been overwhelmed by the success of the program since its launch in 2012, with more and more people using the Smiling Mind programs in their homes, schools and more recently, workplaces.

Smiling Mind is now considered to be one of the world’s leaders in the pre-emptive mental health space and Australia’s go-to expert for youth-based mindfulness programs. We pride ourselves on pioneering innovative ways to support good mental health and wellbeing across all our programs.

Jane Martino & James Tutton
Smiling Mind Co-founders



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We are a unique organisation governed by a passionate and experienced Board. Their ongoing support, dedication and commitment ensures that we are 100% focused on achieving our vision.

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Jane Martino

Smiling Mind Co-founder, Executive Director at Light Warrior, Shout for Good Founder, Finalist in the Telstra Young Business Women's Awards, Board Member for Melbourne Football Club and Launch Vic, Advisor to TRIBE

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James Tutton

Smiling Mind Co-founder, Director Neometro, Founder of Moonlight Cinema, Founding Board Member of Contemporary Arts Precinct (CAP), Co-Founder of The Plato Project

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Professor Frank Oberklaid, AM

Member of the Order of Australia, Founding Director at the Royal Children's Hospital, Co-Group Leader of Child Health Policy, Equity and Translation at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and an Honorary Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne, Chair of the Victorian Children’s Council

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David Sacks

Partner, National Education & Skills Lead PwC Australia

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Neil Thompson

Corporate Advisor, Former CEO at Velocity Frequent Flyer, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD), Advisory Board Member for The Australian National University, Australian Centre In China and the World, Non-Executive Directorfor Horizon Power

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John Chambers

CEO at Tappl, Member of the Victorian Aboriginal Economic Board, Founder and Director Fresh Ventures Advisory, Former Executive Director at Telstra

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Charlie Carpinteri

General manager for Workwear Group. Previously Innovation Director at ANZ and CEO at Shout for Good

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