Advisory Network Members

Yael Phillips

Education Advisor

Yael Phillips is the Student Wellbeing Support Teacher at Ashwood School. Ashwood School is a co-educational specialist school for children aged 5-18 with a mild Intellectual disability.

Yael commenced her teaching career thirty years ago as Drama, English and Music secondary school teacher. She has taught in secondary, primary and specialist schools whilst living in Australia and the UK. She leads the Student Wellbeing Support team at Ashwood School. Yael's role involves counselling (students and parents), behaviour management and teaching pro-social skills.

“I first learnt to meditate when I studied to become a Performing Arts Teacher. It helped me to alleviate the stress that often came hand in hand with being both a teacher and performer. In my current role as Student Wellbeing Support Teacher at Ashwood School, I regularly use a variety of meditation and relaxation techniques with individual students, teachers and in classrooms. Meditation helps our students with emotional regulation and an overall sense of wellbeing. I have found Smiling Mind to be very accessible, the students enjoy the session and are keen to have the app on their phones. We now practise mindfulness and meditate regularly. Meditation is embedded in our school culture as evidenced during our annual Student Wellbeing Week all classrooms downed 'tools' and participated in daily five-minute meditations.”