Our Workshops

We've got something for every workplace, whether you're just starting out, or you want a deeper and more sustained integration. 


Introduction to Mindfulness

Our most popular workshop, this solid foundation will help your staff to begin their mindfulness practice.

60 minutes

  • Why is mindfulness and meditation important in business now?
  • Impacts of stress on health, happiness and productivity
  • A brief overview of the science behind mindfulness
  • Key benefits of mindfulness at work
  • What is mindfulness and what is meditation?
  • How do we practice mindfulness formally and informally at home/work?
  • Default vs. Active mode of the brain
  • Formal meditation practice and debrief
  • 6 Key Mindfulness Mindsets
  • Neuroplasticity, mindfulness and the brain

Four Workshop Series

Our core offering is designed for workplaces that want to develop a deeper and more sustained understanding of mindfulness in a workplace context.

4 x 60 minutes

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Workshop 2: Calm
    • Reflection of personal responses to stress
    • Overview of flight or fight response
    • Stress and performance – how can stress serve us?
    • Emotions and emotional intelligence at work
    • Mindfulness Mindsets – non-judgement and letting go
    • Individual commitments to bringing more calm into the workplace
  • Workshop 3: Clarity
    • What is the impact of mindlessness on our performance?
    • Exploring when individuals feel most in flow
    • Mindfulness can upgrade the hardware of the brain
    • Focus and memory
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Mindfulness Mindsets – Beginners’ mind & non-striving
    • Intuitive decision making and problem solving
    • Individual commitments to bringing more clarity into the workplace
  • Workshop 4: Connection
    • We are all wired for connection – mindfulness can help us to satisfy this need
    • Building self-awareness (the foundation of emotional intelligence) and self-respect
    • Mindfulness Mindsets – compassion & acceptance
    • Teamwork and mindful listening
    • How to become an authentic leader
    • Individual commitments to bringing more connection into the workplace 


Can't quite find what you're looking for? Every workplace is different. Help us design something that suits your needs.

  • Choose a combination of different learning outcomes from our core offerings above
  • Integrate a bespoke workshop into an existing workplace wellbeing program you are already running
  • Speak to the team about the individual difficulties you are having within your organisation and we'll tailor a package that best suits your needs