What we offer

We offer a tailored and ongoing approach to bringing mindfulness into your workplace with a focus on pre-emptive mental health.

Book a package to create a more mindful workplace, and help us create a more mindful generation.


Workplace Packages

Our unique approach features a combination of professional learning for staff and access to our mindfulness digital learning platform.  

Unlike other wellbeing providers, we don't shut the door on a business once our facilitator leaves. Our technology allows for ongoing and sustained implementation of our program in your workplace. Our platform is designed for integrating the practise of mindfulness both at work and at home.


Step 1

Choose the level of learning that's right for your workplace


Step 2

Buy licences for our digital learning platform for all staff


Step 3

Smiling Mind will support you with data and resources

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Professional Learning and Workshops

Choose the level of learning that's right for your workplace from our range of face-to-face workshops:

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

  2. Four Part Workshop Series, featuring: Introduction to Mindfulness, Calm, Clarity & Connection

  3. Bespoke Workshop Series

Smiling Mind App for workplaces

The Smiling Mind App for workplaces supports our face-to-face workshops by providing an ongoing implementation of mindfulness for your staff to integrate a regular mindfulness practise from anywhere.

Purchase a package of 12-month licences to our digital learning platform for all your staff.



Resources for the year

We support business leaders and employees with ongoing resources. We offer access to app data and usage reports which can also be used to help to monitor staff wellbeing, as well as mindful message posters to put around the office.


Smiling Mind App for individuals at work

The Smiling Mind App for your workplace features five modules covering the topics of Everyday Mindfulness, Calm, Clarity & Connection. The topics include videos, additional meditations and activities designed to enhance the integration of mindfulness both at work and at home.

If your workplace has not purchased a license as part of a package, you can purchase your own individual access code.


What staff are saying

“If someone can become more creative, have higher levels of pattern-recognition, greater confidence, greater motivation, greater focus, greater concentration, less anxiety and less brain fog, obviously they’re going to be more valuable to a company.”
— Source: Forbes, 28.6.2016 The Science Is In, and Meditation May be the Next Big Business Opportunity

“We acknowledge that the world of work is more intense than ever. Significant change and complexity being thrown at us, in particular since the global financial crisis – dealing with change and complexity has become the new normal as businesses seek to adapt, survive and thrive. This calls on extra levels of resilience from everyone. Positive psychology in particular mindfulness meditation can support people’s resilience levels and assist people to manage the stressful environment we live in”.
— PwC, Learning and Development Manager

“I’ve seen quite a few introductions to mindfulness practice and I think this is one of the best and most accessible ones I’ve seen. Lucy’s use of analogies makes it really easy to understand the concepts and benefits of mindfulness. Good job on bringing this into BP.”
— BP employee