Book a workshop now and introduce mindfulness into your business.

Mindfulness can help staff become less stressed, more calm and more productive. 

Book this package for your business for just $1950+GST and you'll also be helping Smiling Mind bring mindfulness to thousands of Australian students. With your help, we can have a real impact on the mental health of young people.


What's included in this workplace package? 

This offer features both professional learning for staff and ongoing access to our mindfulness digital learning platform.  

  • 60-minute face-to-face workshop: Introduction To Mindfulness
  • 25 x Smiling Mind apps specifically for workplace to assist your staff in building an ongoing regular practise (each app valued at $39)
  • Structured in-app video program covering our 5 key mindfulness topics
  • 10 x weeks of ongoing communications to support and encourage your staff's mindfulness practise

Why mindfulness in the workplace

Because work life balance and wellbeing is not just about flexible work schedules and office dogs.

Some people lack the tools and skills to be able to achieve balance at work. Research shows that mindfulness can help staff take a pre-emptive approach to managing their mental health, stress and their emotions in the workplace. 1,2,3

Why do we charge for the workplace program?

Because our app is 100% free to over two million people and we need funding to help every mind thrive.

Unlike other workplace wellbeing offerings in the market, our profits are used to keep our app free and help Smiling Mind support the delivery of mindfulness resources in Australian schools.



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     ONLY $1950+GST


    The feedback from the team about Smiling Mind has been amazing. They feel calmer at work, they feel more energised, less stressed. We're passionate here at Fraedom and I'm passionate as a leader that we're giving people the tools to be successful at work, but also successful at life and Smiling Mind does a great job at bridging that gap

    - Andy Thiss, Director of Sales, Fraedom