Book your next three workshops for just $4,490+GST.

You've already started your mindfulness journey with Smiling Mind. Taking the first step is hard, but we're offering something pretty special to keep you on the right track.

Stay mindful throughout winter with this incredible EOFY offer for you and your business.


Mindfulness can help your staff become less stressed, more calm and more productive.

But the best results come from continued practice.

Because you've already booked a workshop with Smiling Mind within the last 12-months, we're offering your business this incredible EOFY special if you book before 30 June.    


What's on offer?

Three further face-to-face workshops for your business for just $4,499+GST (normally valued at $6,000+GST). 

If you've already done your introduction to mindfulness workshop. Here's what's next:

  • Workshop 2: Calm

  • Workshop 3: Clarity

  • Workshop 4: Connection

Take advantage of this end of financial year offer today, but you must book before 30 June.

You'll be saving your business $1500.

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Why mindfulness in the workplace

Because work life balance and wellbeing is not just about flexible work schedules and office dogs.

Some people lack the tools and skills to be able to achieve balance at work. Research shows that mindfulness can help staff take a pre-emptive approach to managing their mental health, stress and their emotions in the workplace. 1,2,3


Why do we charge for the workplace program?

Because our app is 100% free to over two million people and we need funding to help every mind thrive.

Unlike other workplace wellbeing offerings in the market, our profits are used to keep our app free and help Smiling Mind support the delivery of mindfulness resources in Australian schools.