Virgin Mobile

We’re proud to recognise Virgin Mobile as our Major Partner since 2016, because they also believe that in this busy world of digital overload, everyone needs to take care of their mental health and be mindful to switch off now and then.

James Gully, CEO of Virgin Mobile, said “As a communications provider, Virgin Mobile is in the business of connecting people through the power of mobile. But we know that being constantly connected can lead to feelings of digital overload and even disconnection from our friends, family and the world around us.”

“That’s why we’ve joined forces with the team at Smiling Mind to restore the balance and encourage our customers to make mindfulness part of their daily mobile behaviour. I’m really proud to be supporting a free app-based program that helps people proactively look after their minds, using their mobile phone as a force for good.”

This is both an exciting and important partnership that makes it possible for Smiling Mind to continue to provide accessible lifelong tools based in mindfulness meditation. We are very proud to partner with Virgin Mobile to encourage even more people to get involved with mindfulness, and experience the benefits that it brings.

About Virgin Mobile

From the moment Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Mobile in 2000, they’ve been driven by their brand purpose of changing the game for good.

Committed to shaking things up to provide a fairer, more genuine experience for its customers, Virgin Mobile delivers above and beyond with award-winning customer service and irresistible prices on the latest handsets, backed by the Optus 4G Plus network. 

They’re famous for doing things a little differently, with unique offers exclusive to Virgin Mobile like FairData™ and Virgin Family benefits. With Virgin Mobile you’ll also feel part of something bigger, with meaningful partnerships such as this one with Smiling Mind. 

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