Our Supporting Partners

We believe we can have a huge impact in helping reverse some of the sobering mental health statistics plaguing Australia. Whilst we are making great strides, we know we need partners who share our values and vision to help us achieve it.

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Healthy Habits for Healthy Minds

With the support of nib Foundation, Smiling Mind is developing innovative new mindfulness-based programs for adult users including Sleep and Relationships.

Employing advanced technologies and evaluation metrics, the program will support users to take a pro-active, regular and routine approach to mental health and wellbeing; drive significant behaviour change among Australian adults; and critically, track in real time our success in achieving these ends. This includes exploration around voice integration and impact evaluation measures.

Our goal is to encourage changes in attitudes, beliefs and behaviour so that taking action to look after your mental health becomes a normal and routine part of life, embraced by the majority and made as simple and commonplace as brushing your teeth.

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