nib foundation

We share with nib foundation a mutual commitment to supporting and delivering preventative health programs that have the power to transform the lives of many individuals and communities for the better.

Our three-year, $750,000 partnership will support the delivery and evaluation of the new ‘Building Healthy Habits for Healthy Minds’ home-based mindfulness meditation mobile app program, designed to empower Australian adults to take positive, proactive action to look after their mental health every day.

Amy Tribe, Executive Officer of nib foundation is thrilled to be supporting the program, highlighting its relevance in an increasingly fast-paced world.

“In today’s society we are constantly on-the-go and technology is making it harder for us to switch off. Having an accessible app that encourages individuals to take as little as ten minutes out of their day to focus on themselves, will help to normalise daily mindfulness based practice as a practical life skill to safeguard our health.”

“With 45% of Australian adults experiencing a mental health issue at some point during their life, there is growing evidence that supports the benefits of taking a self-directed technology-based approach to developing a healthy mind through mindfulness based practice. This program is a refreshing approach to daily mental health management and is a simple way to help adults deal with the pressure, stress and challenges of daily life.” 

Everyone at Smiling Mind are excited to partner with nib foundation to deliver an innovative preventative program that aims to encourage changes in attitudes, beliefs and behaviour so that taking action to look after your mental health becomes a normal and routine part of life, embraced by the majority and made as simple and commonplace as brushing your teeth.