Team Members

Michael Hines

Lead Facilitator & Content Development Manager

Michael Hines is a Registered Psychologist with a passion for helping people function at their best. He specialises in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness and has an established expertise in the areas of engagement, resilience, strengths, high performance and individual and business well-being, working with individuals, schools and organisations throughout his career.

Michael's passion for mindfulness stems from a personal meditation practice spanning 18 years. He has taught Mindfulness at Monash University, UNSW and in organisations across Australia. Michael also recently spent 2-years at UNSW, where he had a lead role in a large-scale, University-wide, Student Well-being and Resilience project.

Michael is the lead in-house program/Mindfulness expert at Smiling Mind and is responsible for the delivery of Smiling Mind workshops and training across our schools, workplace and general community programs. His role also includes content and program development. He provides expert oversight and guidance in the strategic direction of our programs, alongside our program managers and other expert consultants and partners.

Michael also has extensive business experience prior to his transition to Psychology, so he understands how important mindfulness is for businesses and organisations.

In addition to his work at Smiling Mind, Michael works as a Psychologist in private practice.