Board Members

John Chambers

CEO, Tappl

John Chambers has a career spanning both the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. John spent 18 years climbing the ranks at Telstra, at different times leading the Mobile, Broadband and Product Innovation divisions. Through his career he was known for his commitment to customers and to the process of innovation, leading the development of key initiatives like Telstra Smart Home, Broadband Protect, Smart Cities and the commercialisation of Big Data and Analytics.

John is now the CEO of tech startup Tappl, helping individuals and workplaces to thrive through enabling simple yet powerful feedback amongst colleagues, and providing the information and tools for individuals to develop toward full potential.

John is also a member of the Victorian Aboriginal Economic Board for the Victorian government, focused on championing programs and initiatives for economic self-determination across employment, procurement, business development and entrepreneurship

John has practiced mindfulness (imperfectly!) for 2 decades, and is committed to helping Smiling Mind reach Australia and beyond with its unique mission.