Georgie Vinson — Marketing Coordinator

Smiling Mind_Georgie.jpg

My background in public relations means I approach each of my marketing tasks with a unique focus on brand awareness and audience impact. My professional experience comes from work within agencies, Australian skincare, and now Smiling Mind! Outside of this, I am passionate about the importance of emotional intelligence, particularly around empathy and awareness of others. I am fascinated by the way technology can help bring this awareness and integration into our day to day lives!

The best thing about working at Smiling Mind…

Creating content that spreads the incredible benefits of meditation and caring for your mental health. 

The biggest challenge in my role:

Figuring out how to best apply our limited budget to maximise reach and achieve all of our ideas!

If I wasn’t working at Smiling Mind I’d…

Probably be working in the music industry! I love the way music
can evoke such a range of emotions, and be an amazing source
of healing.

What I do when I’m not at work:

I’m usually doing arts and crafts! I love a good project, whether that be making some DIY outdoor furniture, or having a painting day with my friends. I’m also a big photography nut, so you’ll often find me with a camera in hand – I’m a whizz at capturing the coveted ‘candid’ shot! 

On meditation:

For me, it helps me stay present. I love feeling organised and in control, which is great when it comes to work, but not as realistic in other areas. Meditation helps me let go of that desire for structure, and enjoy what life throws at me!

My favourite inspirational quote:

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”
— John Lennon