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Frasers Property Australia has a long history of creating great communities and  spaces for people to enjoy their leisure and recreation time. For instance, the group creates thriving neighbourhood centres that are not only about shopping, but are also places where people feel at home, where they socialise, participate, unwind and relax.

But a great community is not just about bricks and mortar. The rise of mental health issues in the wider Australian community is a big issue and one that Frasers Property takes very seriously. This is why Frasers Property Australia has become Smiling Mind's very first national community partner.

This charitable partnership will help Smiling Mind expand our program to reach even more schools, including schools in disadvantaged areas.

The partnership is one that Frasers Property Australia CEO Mr Rod Fehring says will go a long way towards supporting Smiling Mind deliver mindfulness programs to schools within our communities.

“The work that Smiling Mind does is so important and the kids really love it. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to make a contribution to creating healthy communities in Australia, and it supports our goal of creating places where people feel truly connected,” says Mr Fehring.

About Frasers Property Australia

Frasers Property Australia Pty Limited (FPA) is one of Australia's leading diversified property groups and is the Australian division of Frasers Property Limited. The group has over 90 years’ heritage in Australia with current activities covering the development of residential land, housing and apartments, commercial, retail and industrial properties, investment property ownership and management, and property management.

Being part of a global group opens up a world of opportunities for FPA’s customers. FPA appreciates its customers and rewards their loyalty through Prosperity, a national loyalty program providing residential customers with generous purchase and referral rewards, plus benefits at Frasers Hospitality’s serviced hotel residences and boutique lifestyle hotels around the world.

Sustainability is at the heart of FPA’s operations. The group creates places where resources are re-used, recycled and restored. It fosters new ideas to support people and the planet, and undertakes tangible initiatives to help people lead happier, healthier lives.

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