What we offer

We believe in a whole school approach to mindfulness and wellbeing. We offer professional learning, educator resources and a state-of-the art technology platform to help bring the entire community along the school improvement journey.

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School Packages

Smiling Mind offers a whole school approach to embedding mindfulness across the learning community.

Every school is different and educators can choose the level of implementation and resources which best fits their needs and context.

Are you tired of professional learning or workshops that have no follow up? We're different. We provide the technology and ongoing resources to support a school's implementation to make real change. 


Step 1

Choose the level of learning or the workshop that's right for your school


Step 2

Ask all teaching and support staff to download the Free Smiling Mind App 


Step 3

Smiling Mind will support you with resources for the entire school year


Professional Learning and Workshops

We offer a range of introductory workshops as well as more intensive courses for educators, students and the wider school community:

  • Mindfulness Foundations Workshops for Educators:
    Leading By Example & Bringing it to Life
  • Parent & Community Workshop 
  • Whole School Staff Wellbeing: Series of 4 Workshops covering Introduction To Mindfulness, Calm, Clarity, Connection
  • 6-Week Intensive Teacher Wellbeing
  • 6-Week Student Wellbeing
  • Create a bespoke program to suit your unique needs

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Free Smiling Mind App

Our state-of-the-art technology platform has been developed with psychologists, and is trusted by over 40,000 educators. This technology allows us to be a global leader in classroom-based mindfulness and it's ongoing delivery to students. Our free App features:

  • Over 600 meditations
  • Tailored age-specific programs
  • Classroom lesson plans
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Supporting resources for teachers

Resources for the year

Our resources exist to support a whole school approach to mindfulness. We support principals, teachers and parents throughout the school with additional resources, including: 

  • The Mindfulness Curriculum for primary schools, featuring Educator Manuals and Student Journals for years 1 to 6. 
  • Parent resources including tips for bringing mindfulness into the home
  • Our evidence-based guidelines for mindfulness in schools 
  • Five weeks of follow up communications to help teachers solidify the key learnings from our workshops 
  • Posters for the classroom 
  • Newsletter content on request

The Mindfulness Curriculum  |  Evidence-Based Guidelines

Download Posters  |  Parent Resources


Who we're working with

We work in all education settings including ELC, primary, secondary, independent, faith based & government schools.

We're involved with schools and educators at all stages of their school improvement journey and educators can choose the level of implementation and resources which best fits their needs and context.

We're all over Australia

Our commitment is to support all regions and communities so that no mind is left behind.

Our 100% free Smiling Mind App and supporting resources are scalable, intuitive, affordable, and available to anyone with a smart phone or access to the web.

We also send facilitators all over Australia - including to remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory - to help with the implementation of mindfulness in the classroom.

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We've been recognised as a global education innovator

Smiling Mind was recognised in both 2017 and 2018 as a leading global technology provider by HundrED.

HundrED.org is a not-for-profit organization that discovers inspiring innovations in K12 education.

HundrED's goal is to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement through encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations to spread across the world.


I'm convinced and ready to bring mindfulness into my school.


What teachers are saying

“I love the Smiling Mind program. It’s easy to use, the kids love it and it’s at an appropriate level.”

“After our wonderful Smiling Mind PD at our recent Wellbeing Conference, a cohort of our teachers implemented the Smiling Mind program in their own classrooms three times a week for three weeks.”

“I have been doing the Smiling Mind program for two years with many of the same children (in year 1 then as year 2s) and they absolutely love it. They ask every day if we are going to be doing it. Thank you.”

“What an outstanding service/program/product Smiling Mind is. I am a specialist gifted teacher; giftedness, anxiety, lack of mindfulness, negative self-talk, etc go hand in hand with giftedness. This program has been invaluable to us this year. “