Professional  Learning

We've got something for everyone, with the tools and resources you need to feel confident in creating a calm, clear and connected classroom.


Mindfulness Foundations

Foundation A

Leading by example
90  minutes

Foundation B

Bringing it to life
90 minutes

  • These two workshops introduce the concept of mindfulness
  • Learn how mindfulness can help in the classroom
  • Learn how to use the Smiling Mind app
  • We teach practical tips around creating a mindful classroom
  • Learn strategies about on-boarding the entire school
  • Learn how to deal with challenges or resistance to mindfulness

Parent Workshop

  • A whole community approach is the best way to grow and maintain mindfulness in a school
  • We introduce mindfulness to parents
  • We talk to parents about what their child is learning about in the classroom
  • We provide strategies on supporting the use of Smiling Mind at home

Intensive Teacher Wellbeing

  • This 6-week course will help teachers develop a deep understanding of the practice of mindfulness
  • We provide strategies that can help teachers manage stress 
  • Learn skills that can enhance teaching effectiveness

6-Week Student Wellbeing

  • A deeper, more sustained mindfulness training experience for students in transition years
  • This 6-week course is designed for secondary students, year 9-12, facing particular challenges such as exam time or moving into high school



Whole School Staff Wellbeing

Our workplace offering is a deeper understanding of mindfulness for educators in a workplace context.

Course involves a series of four 60 minute workshops for staff:

  • Workshop 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Workshop 2: Calm
    • Reflection of personal responses to stress
    • Overview of flight or fight response
    • Stress and Performance – how can stress serve us?
    • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence at work
    • Mindfulness Mindsets – Non-judgement and Letting Go
    • Individual commitments to bringing more Calm into the workplace
  • Workshop 3: Clarity
    • What is the impact of mindlessness on our performance?
    • Exploring when individuals feel most in flow
    • Mindfulness can upgrade the hardware of the brain
    • Focus and Memory
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Mindfulness Mindsets – Beginners’ Mind & Non-Striving
    • Intuitive decision making and problem solving
    • Individual Commitments to bringing more Clarity into the workplace
  • Workshop 4: Connection
    • We are all wired for connection – mindfulness can help us to satisfy this need
    • Building self-awareness (the foundation of emotional intelligence) and self-respect
    • Mindfulness Mindsets – Compassion & Acceptance
    • Teamwork and Mindful Listening
    • How to become and authentic leader
    • Individual Commitments to bringing more Connection into the workplace