Clare Bowditch

Musician, Actor, Radio Presenter

One of Australia's most loved singers and songwriters, Clare Bowditch radiates a sense of warmth and sincerity that makes her a natural ambassador for Smiling Mind.

An accomplished musician - from winning the 2006 ARIAs Best Female Artist award to appearing on the series Offspring  - Clare is currently gracing audiences in her daily radio show on Melbourne's ABC station 774.

Clare also founded Big Hearted Business, a project that encourages shared collaborations between creatives and business people. It is this sense of connection and compassion that enables Clare to wholeheartedly share her commitment to the benefits of mindfulness with others.

Mindfulness has been a central part of my everyday life since 2002, and meditation is now a practice my children engage in also. We celebrate so many of its benefits and I’m thrilled to know that Smiling Mind will be making it easier than ever for more young Australians to meditate.