There Are So Many Ways To Find 10 minutes For Your Mind

Dr Addie Wootten, CEO Smiling Mind

Is it easy to find 10 minutes for your mind?

Today, the 10th October, is World Mental Health day. It’s a good day to reflect on the importance of raising awareness of the impact that mental illness has on almost 50% of our population and opening up a conversation to try and reduce the stigma that most people experience. 

It’s also a good day to take a moment to reflect personally on your own mental health. How are you feeling and what are you doing to take care of your own mental health?

It often surprises me when mental health is framed in a way that marginalises those who are experiencing problems – it can lead to people feeling like mental health is only something that a few of us need to do something about.  But if you think about it most of us have either experienced, or known someone who has experienced a period of time where mental health was a concern. Just like we have all experienced times where physical health was a concern. 

On the flipside I am sure we can all think of a time where we felt on top of our game – but what were the things that you were doing at that time that helped you feel that way?

I like to think about my mental health in the same way that I think about my physical health – I know I need to exercise and eat well to feel physically healthy – but I also know I need to look after my mental health – through meditation, time away from technology and spending time with friends and family. 

So how easy is it to find 10 minutes for your mind?

We all have good intentions….. But we all know how hard it is to do things that are good for us! It’s funny to think that on average we spend about 10 hours per day on our devices, yet we still feel as though we don’t have time to look after our mind. 

Imagine if you counted all the minutes you spent on social media, or watching TV, or driving the car, or waiting in line… if you added these minutes together you would probably find that there’s actually a couple of hours per day that you could consider switching over to something more mentally healthy and rewarding. 

There are so many ways to find 10 minutes for your mind – the challenge lies in how we make decisions about what we spend time on. It’s often easier to go to our default – we almost reach for our phone automatically whenever we have a spare moment. 

This October is Mental Health Awareness month and we’re excited to run a campaign designed to remind all of us that we can find 10 minutes for our mind. We’re challenging you to take notice of where you spend your time, and make a choice to reduce something by 10 minutes a day, and instead, do something for your mind. 

How about turning your phone onto airplane mode when you get home from work – so you can enjoy speaking with your family without distractions? Or practising a meditation before going to bed so that your mind can unwind before sleep? Or challenging yourself to a mindfulness exercise each day – where you spend 10 minutes being curious about your surroundings and try and notice something new each day?

Maybe consider using the Smiling Mind app to help you…. There’s plenty of 10 minute meditations available to guide you in finding those 10 minutes for your mind. 

We want to help every mind thrive!

Smiling Mind