Mindfulness, it can make Monday's better

OK, so I have to admit, the first few Smiling Mind group meditation sessions at work felt a little weird.

I'm not great first thing on a Monday morning and sitting with your eyes closed in close proximately to your co-workers around your boardroom table isn't right up there on my to-do-list.

In fact, being at work on a Monday morning doesn't really rank up there, full stop.

But the awkwardness soon passes and pretty soon it becomes a ritual you just do without thinking much about; a bit like a collective teeth-brushing session.

I guess you're probably thinking by now, well, does it work?

Yeah it does.

But not in the holy cow, I've discovered the meaning of life kind of way.

For me and my team, [mindfulness] kinda creeps up on you.

Your workload at the office is just as busy, but you find you’re handling it a bit better.

People in the office are more open to each other's opinions.

We're having fewer arguments and It's like someone's spiked the water with ‘nice’.  

Has it changed my life? No not really, but I don't hate Monday mornings nearly as much. 


If you're interested in learning how to change your team's outlook on a Monday, find out more about our workplace workshops and wellbeing programs here.

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