Take a mindful moment

New partnership with nib foundation empowering Aussies to take care of their mental health

Smiling Mind
1 February 2018

We’re excited to officially announce our multi-Year partnership with nib foundation, encouraging Aussie adults to take just ten minutes out of their day to practice better mental health.



Four Tips To Set Yourself Up For a Mindful Year at Work

Brett Archer, Capability Development Lead, Special Broadcasting Service
16 January 2018

It’s a shock to the system isn’t it? Many of us find ourselves struggling with the return to work after a holiday period with friends, family and in most cases sand and sunshine! But this time of year also has the wonderful quality of turning our minds to what is important to us and what we aspire to. Were you as mindful as you wanted to be last year? How can we ensure we practice mindfulness as we shift gears into ‘work mode’ for 2018? 

Brett Archer is the Capability Development Lead at the Special Broadcasting Service and he gives us the inside word on setting yourself up for a mindful year at work.

Here's Brett accepting an award at the Australian HR Awards for Best Leadership Development Program 2017.



A thank-you from our CEO

Dr Addie Wootten, CEO Smiling Mind
21 December 2017

As 2017 comes to a close it’s a great time to reflect and acknowledge all of the achievements of the past year. Gratitude is a much talked about practice, with known positive benefits on mental health and wellbeing - and this year Smiling Mind has a lot to be grateful for. It’s been a very successful year for us and we could not have achieved it without the support of many different people and organisations.


Using Smiling Mind in an school is not just about having mindful students

Anna Glumac, Teacher, St Joseph's Primary Elsternwick
28 November 2017

Meet Anna.

She uses Smiling Mind to be a more mindful teacher and colleague. This is her story. 

Want to find out more about our latest program focussed on teacher wellbeing? Visit


Leaders Are Responsible for Giving Staff Tools for Work and Life

Andy Thiss, Fraedom, Director - Sales & Account Management
6 November 2017

Andy started his own mindfulness journey 3-years ago.

He noticed the benefits it was having in his own life, so he reached out to Smiling Mind to find a mindfulness, workplace solution for his staff.

As a leader, Andy believes he has a responsibility to provide his staff with the tools to be successful at both work and in life.

You can read Andy's story below or find out how to book a workshop for your own staff here: 




Top 10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Mind During Exam Time

Smiling Mind
1 November 2017

Exam time can be an extremely difficult time for secondary school students, parents, and also teachers.

The next few weeks for Australian students will be full of emotion - stress, anxiety, and perhaps relief - but it’s really important that a few key steps are taken to take care of your mind.

A regular mindfulness practise can help you manage the pressure while sharpening your mind.

Here's Smiling Mind's top 10 tips for taking care of your mind during this exam time.


We're looking for a Visual Designer at Smiling Mind!

Smiling Mind
24 October 2017

We're hiring (again!) at Smiling Mind! 

We're on the look out for the right visual designer who can join our team and revolutionise the way our brand communicates to the world and be integral to the way that our brand and technology makes people feel.

We believe technology is a powerful bridge to helping people live a happier, healthier and more resilient life. Your vision, your creativity and design experience will help us to build the visions for more bridges.

This year we reached a huge milestone of over 2 million app downloads. Now we’re the best mate in the back pocket of all these amazing people who have all prioritised their mental wellbeing with mindfulness and meditation.

Are you still reading? If so, then you’re probably our type of colleague.

We’re on the look out for a Visual Design to help us create bridges to better mental health outcomes for people around the world.

We want someone in our team who understands how technology and design can be used to change lives, a person who thrives on providing solutions to big problems and someone who truly cares about making an impact in their career.

Based in our own funky Collingwood warehouse space, we’re part of Melbourne’s thriving and creative social impact epicentre where all our neighbours share our belief that business has a role to play to enact societal change.

We can’t wait to find out what’s possible with your passion, creativity and your ideas.

Read on and get in touch!


Create a Mindful Work Culture and Attract the Best Talent

Anna O'Dea, Agency Iceberg
17 October 2017

It's that time of the year when the sun finally comes out and the days start to become much longer. This also causes many people to question how they are feeling about their current job. Are they with the right employer? Are the following their passion? Are they looking after their mental wellbeing?

Melbourne recruiter and founder of Agency Iceburg, Anna O'Dea, reflects on why wellbeing needs to be a priority in the workplace and gives us her top 5 tips on what the modern employer needs to be doing to create a mindful culture that attracts the best talent.


There Are So Many Ways To Find 10 minutes For Your Mind

Dr Addie Wootten, CEO Smiling Mind
10 October 2017

Today, the 10th October, is World Mental Health day. It’s a good day to reflect on the importance of raising awareness of the impact that mental illness has on almost 50% of our population and opening up a conversation to try and reduce the stigma that most people experience. 

Hear from Smiling Mind CEO Dr Addie Wootten on taking 10 minutes to reflect on your own mental wellbeing.


We've Joined Forces With Smiling Mind To Change Business For Good

James Gully, CEO Virgin Mobile
26 September 2017

As a communications provider, Virgin Mobile is in the business of connecting people through the power of mobile. But we know that being constantly connected can lead to feelings of digital overload and even disconnection from our friends, family, experiences and the world around us. 

As a Virgin business, I believe that we have a responsibility not just to sell products, but to also change business for good. That’s why we’ve joined forces with the team at Smiling Mind on their mission to deliver app-based mindfulness programs and modern meditation to everyday Aussies.